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Ambler Children’s Centre works with a range of professionals to offer information, advice and guidance on child development, parenting, and the day-to-day challenges of family life. Our staff speak a range of languages to help you communicate your needs and our dedicated daycare team provides the consistent care that is so crucial for your child.

Senior Leadership Team

  • Children’s Centre Lead – Kate James
  • Early Years Foundation Stage Coordinator – Lorna Prynne
  • Daycare Manager – Selina Laville

Administrative Team

  • Senior Administrator – Michael Haddon
  • Administrative Assistant – Elaine Ramage

Daycare and Education Team

  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator – Margaret Murphy

Baby Room Team

Room Lead – Asma Ali

Early Years Educators:

  • Giovanna Evans
  • Noemie Laabaied
  • Paola Usala

Support Workers:

  • Norma Lewis

Toddler Room Team

Room Lead

  • Kim Olayokun (interim)

Early Years Educators

  • Ade Awoyemi
  • Anne Lahart-Tigrine
  • Chloe Casey (job share)
  • Gloria Akumah
  • Lucinda Brayie
  • Michelle Lecky

Support Workers:

  • Daphne Thomas

Foxes/Nursery 1 Team

Teacher – Julia Breda

Early Years Educators

  • Toyin Akande
  • Nisha Kaweesi

Support Worker– Bably Kabir

Meals Assistant – Christine Langford

Squirrels/Nursery 2 Team

Teacher – Catherine Hunter

Early Years Educators

  • Joanna Khajjou

Support Worker– Bably Kabir

Meals Assistant – Zahra Jama

Reception Class – Blue Team

Teachers – Lorna Prynne and Margaret Murphy (job share)
Early Years Educator – Zaia Maloumi
SEN support worker – Emma Lambert

Reception Class – Green Team

Teacher – Naomi Rooney
Early Years Educator – Ellie Bell
SEN support worker – Nergisa Kardovic

Extended Day services

Sevim Kilic 

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