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Cultural Celebrations at Ambler Children’s Centre

28 Oct Cultural Celebrations at Ambler Children’s Centre

In recent months we’ve been celebrating some of the diverse cultures and backgrounds of our families at Ambler Children’s Centre. Please have a look at the fantastic photos below which help show how our children are learning about those who are different to themselves, whether that be through a person’s nationality, ethnicity or spiritual belief.

Eid Al-adha

In late September we hosted a cluster event with Conewood Street Children’s Centre to celebrate Eid Al-adha, with 56 families attending. We had lots of activities for everyone to enjoy and mark the Muslim feast, including arts & crafts, live music, henna and face painting.

Black History Month

Throughout October we also celebrated Black History Month and arranged special activities, with traditional African drumming sessions on Friday’s weekly singing get-together for Nurseries, Toddler Room and Baby Room.


As Autumn progressed we then turned our attention to celebrating Diwali by making candles for the Hindu festival of lights, which signifies the victory of good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair.


Winter Fair

The next cultural celebration we have lined up will be the annual Winter Fair on Thursday 1st December. Please get in touch with Friends of Ambler if you have any ideas for activities or stalls to run. If you are keen to help out and have ideas you’d like to share please fill in their short survey

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