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Outreach services at Ambler Children’s Centre aim to support local families in a variety of ways and are run in conjunction with Bright Start Islington.

From pregnancy onwards we are here to offer the support, advice and facilities families need, including:

  • antenatal and postnatal appointments
  • parental support groups and workshops
  • friendly Stay and Play sessions
  • a range of health related activities, including breastfeeding advice
  • new parents group
  • adult and community learning programmes
  • ESOL courses
  • a range of volunteering opportunities for families.

Please check our calendar for further details or download the latest version of our timetable here.


Our bright, light and well resourced children’s centre is the perfect place to bring your child or get the information and advice you need. We have a well stocked play area with a wide range of stimulating age appropriate toys, books and activities. There’s a lot to explore in our wonderful outside playground. Bikes, hoola hoops, a climbing frame, dens and a slide will inspire your children and help them burn off some energy. We have a kitchen where you can grab a much needed drink. We have access to a training room for adult and community learning and workshops, as well as a consulting room for midwifery appointments and one-to-one advice sessions.

Information and Advice

We know that being a parent can sometimes be challenging and we want to make sure that you can get the help when you need it most.

Expectant parents in our area can have ante-natal appointments here and a family support and outreach worker is available to meet you and tell you what’s on offer at the Children’s Centre.

In the early days after birth, we’ll help you get to grips with breastfeeding at our specialist support sessions. You can also come to our new parents group to share your experiences. If you need extra guidance and support, you can talk things through with one of our family support and outreach workers. They can help with issues such as benefits advice, parenting, housing, immigration and finance issues. They can also refer you on to specialist services such as Maya Counselling and the Finsbury Park Advice Project which gives invaluable advice about your welfare and benefits rights. Qualified health professionals conduct child health reviews on a weekly basis from the Centre.


Whether you want to learn first aid or learn English as a second language, our classes will help you achieve your goals. Our onsite crèche (for adult and community learning) will take care of your little ones so that you can stay focused during your class. To book, please call in advance on 020 7359 7628. 

Stay and Play sessions

At our stay and play sessions we provide a relaxed and friendly environment for you to meet other mums, dads and carers. We offer an inspiring place for your child to play while our welcoming and friendly staff provide a range of entertaining and stimulating activities. There is free access to our outside space and a designated baby area too.

On Wednesday mornings we have a general Stay and Play for under 5s. Monthly, on Saturday mornings, we run a stay and play open to mums, dads and carers with children under 5. Please call 020 7359 7628 for further details.


We’ve always got something to celebrate – whether it’s our wonderfully diverse community or the change of season. Call 020 7359 7628 to find out what’s coming up.

We’d love to see you!

Getting Involved

We welcome feedback from local parents and carers about the services we offer and other things you would like us to provide. If you have any suggestions please contact us.

Friends of Ambler – this group of parents and carers are actively involved in the life of our Children’s Centre and School. Their contributions range from fundraising for essential items to running fun activities for the local community, including our annual winter and summer fairs. Members are all volunteers and take on specific tasks. Further details can be found on the Friends of Ambler section of the school website.

Share your talent – we are always looking at ways to celebrate the many talents families have in our area. If you have any hidden skills, please share them with us as we would like to invite you to work with our staff team and children. Examples might include the ability to read in a different language, playing a musical instrument, dance or drama skills, cooking, sports and so on…

Let's make something beautiful together...