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Reading for Pleasure at Ambler

17 Jan Reading for Pleasure at Ambler

Thanks to their continued fundraising efforts, Friends of Ambler have purchased an extra set of books for the reading challenge in Key stage 2.

Our children in Year 3 to Year 6 are very grateful to have some fantastic new resources because of the support Friends of Ambler show for the school’s initiatives.

You can also help by ordering books from the Ambler Book Club with Scholastic! For every £1 you spend the school receives a commission of 20p to spend on books for our pupils to enjoy.

Does your child read lots at home or would you like to encourage them more? Maybe there are lots of birthday parties coming up and you’d like to buy some great value gifts or sets to share into party bags? Whatever your reason, take a look at the books on sale at the Ambler Book Club with Scholastic.

More than £250 has been raised in Scholastic Rewards over the last year for Ambler to spend on books and resources. Many books are discounted but the offer is for a limited time, with books being delivered free to the school up to 10 days after the deadline of Friday 27th January.

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