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Ambler Children’s Centre works with a range of professionals to offer information, advice and guidance on child development, parenting, and the day-to-day challenges of family life. Our staff speak a range of languages to help you communicate your needs and our dedicated daycare team provides the consistent care that is so crucial for your child.

Children’s Centre Leadership Team

Ciara Rush, Children’s Centre Lead (QTS)

Selina Laville, Daycare Manager

Charlie Mallows, Early Years Phase Leader and SENCO(QTS)

Baby Room Team

Eva Long, Room Leader

Bably Kabir, Early Years Practitioner

Paul Sutherland, Early Years Practitioner

Norma Lewis, Early Years Support Worker

Sevim Kilic, Early Years Support Worker

Toddler Room Team

Asma Ali, Room Leader

Michelle Lecky, Early Years Practitioner

Chloe Casey, Early Years Practitioner

Toyin Akande, Early Years Practitioner

Jo Khajjou, Early Years Practitioner

Nergisa Kardovic, Early Years Support Worker

Giovanna Evans, Early Years Support Worker

Daphne Thomas, Early Years Support Worker

Nursery Team

Helen Bowe, Nursery Teacher (QTS)

Molly Newton, Nursery Teacher (QTS)

Kim Olayukun, Early Years Practitioner

Ellie Bell, Early Years Practitioner

Anne Lahart-Tigrine, Early Years Support Worker

Chyvonne Cox, Priority Early Learning Practitioner

Reception Team

Catherine Hunter, Reception Green Class Teacher (QTS)

Zara O’Driscoll, Reception Blue Class Teacher (QTS)

Amanda Mullard, Cover Teacher (QTS)

Lauren Taylor, Early Years Practitioner, Reception Blue

Zaia Maloumi, Early Years Practitioner, Reception Green

Extended Day Lead

Natalia Davey, Extended Day Lead

Admin Team

Elaine Ramage, Administrative Assistant

Batina Byron, Administrative Assistant

Gary Wong, School Business Manager

Mel Sealy-Pearson, HR and Finance

Alison Tatum, Admissions and Attendance

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