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Ofsted’s most recent inspection of the Children’s Centre was in May 2017, when we were awarded an overall mark of OUTSTANDING.

This inspection was of Ambler Primary School and Children’s Centre. The report said:

“The early years provision is outstanding.”


“The staff in the Nursery and Reception classes organise exciting learning activities both indoors and outdoors. This enables children to progress well from their low starting points.”

“The early years provision is led exceptionally well. High expectations have enabled [the children] to develop early skills remarkably well.”

“Well-planned activities indoors and out of the classroom follow the children’s interests as well as ensuring that they quickly acquire early reading, writing and number skills. Phonic teaching is exceptionally strong.”

“Regular and accurate observations demonstrate the wide range of information collected by staff to support each child. Leaders ensure that relationships with parents and carers are strong, from the time children enter the early years setting. Consequently, children’s learning journeys show a high level of parental involvement in the assessment of their children’s learning.”

“Safeguarding is effective. The members of the early years team work together effectively to ensure that all statutory requirements are met rigorously.”

Some of the services we provide have also previously been inspected by Ofsted under different criteria. You can view all three of our full reports below:

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