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Ambler community targets idlers to tackle air pollution

15 Mar Ambler community targets idlers to tackle air pollution

The Ambler community came together recently to tackle air pollution by targeting idling vehicles in surrounding streets.

The Governing Body‘s Environmental Committee arranged the afternoon on Wednesday 21st February 2018 alongside Islington Council, with a follow-up event planned for next term.

The team spoke to lots of parents in the playground who were all very positive about taking action to reduce vehicle idling around the school to try and improve local air quality.

The volunteers also spoke to several drivers near to the school who were idling and asked them to switch off their engines. Signs have now been put up in the area asking drivers to switch them off when parked, which hopefully will ease pollution.

A highlight for the kids themselves was taking part in an Eco-Action Snakes & Ladders game, so check out some of our favourite photos from the afternoon below:

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