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Ambler’s annual ‘One World Day’ delights all, uniting us in diversity

10 May Ambler’s annual ‘One World Day’ delights all, uniting us in diversity

Ambler Primary School and Children’s Centre celebrated its wonderfully diverse community recently at another hugely successful One World Day.

The annual event represented many of the cultures and nationalities of our pupils, staff and families by delicious food from around the globe and fantastically colourful costumes.

More than 40 languages are spoken at the setting, with connections from Russia to Eritrea, Thailand to Morocco, Ethiopia to Bangladesh, Somalia to the Netherlands, Germany, India and many many more…

One of the many highlights of the evening, held on Wednesday 2nd May 2018, included the school choir, led by Harriet Stobart, singing the Congolese folk song ‘Sisi sisi dolada’. Reception staff member, Zaia Maloumi, also sang some French songs with the younger children.

Two pupils, Aksheya and Anamika, danced to Entammede by Jimikki Kammal and chanted mantras in Sanskrit. Also dancing up a storm was Dania, who showed amazing skills from Somalia, and a Bollywood dancer, who entranced everybody with her impassioned performance.

The halls were decorated with various flags, while children could make their own versions on paper cups to construct a tower stack showing ‘Where we come from’. There was also a buzz wire challenge, an enormously popular Scholastic book stall and face-painting by Claudia Duffy.

Juliet Benis, Ambler’s Headteacher, said “This great event shows the global reach of the Ambler community and displays how we love coming together for food, dance and song!

Friends of Ambler, who helped organise One World Day, are especially thankful to the Language Support workers from Renaisi and Bea of School-Home Support, as well as the Governors, staff and everyone that contributed to making the event such a wonderful celebration.

Please be sure to check out some of our favorite photos from the event below:

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