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Opening hours and dropping/collection

21 Oct Opening hours and dropping/collection

Any new families may not be aware the Centre has strict opening times for insurance purposes. Please don’t arrive until 8.00am as we are not covered to have parents in the building before then. You can come onto the premises from 7.55am to make sure you are prepared to drop off on time, but please don’t press buzzers on entrances before then as we are not allowed to let you in!

Collecting children on time is important as it makes them feel secure, as someone close to them will be coming back at a specific time. It also means they get into good routines early on, as punctuality is linked to attainment at school. If children are collected late the parent/carer has to sign a late book to acknowledge the time. Lateness can have a big impact as it affects ratios of staff needed to look after children safely, means some cannot go on mandatory breaks and, most importantly of all, often upsets the child. If late collection happens three times then a meeting with the Senior Leadership Team is needed to discuss what is causing the lateness.

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