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We hope the information on our website provides all the practical information you need as a parent. If there is further information you would like to see in this section please email us on

Getting Involved

We welcome feedback from local parents and carers about the services we offer and other things you would like us to provide. If you have any suggestions please contact us.

Friends of Ambler – this group of parents and carers are actively involved in the life of our Children’s Centre and School. Their contributions range from fundraising for essential items to running fun activities for the local community, including our annual winter and summer fairs. Members are all volunteers and take on specific tasks. Further details can be found on the Friends of Ambler section of the school website.

Share your talent – we are always looking at ways to celebrate the many talents families have in our area. If you have any hidden skills, please share them with us as we would like to invite you to work with our staff team and children. Examples might include the ability to read in a different language, playing a musical instrument, dance or drama skills, cooking, sports and so on…

Staying Informed

We try to keep parents and carers informed of what is going on here in a number of ways. Please see the Children Centre’s noticeboards for updates and events.

If you have any further questions please email us on


To apply for a place at Ambler Children’s Centre please either drop into the centre, contact us on 02073597628 or email us on to be sent a copy of our application form. We ask families to hand the forms in personally so we can discuss the details of Early Years places and maximise your chances.

Please read through our Admissions Policy for more details on how places are allocated to families.

Our open days are on the first Thursday of each month and you can register on upcoming dates here.

Some places at the Children’s Centre are reserved by the council for children who are assessed by the relevant professionals as requiring additional services in order to reach or keep up a reasonable standard of health and/or development. If you think this may apply to your family then either contact the Early Years Priority Referral Team directly or ask us for more information.


Fees vary depending on the hours your child attends and your personal circumstances. To help with costs childcare vouchers can be used towards fees. In addition from the term after your child turns three the Nursery Education Grant covers 15 hours of the core hours your child attends. Some families will be eligible for an additional 15 hours a week of funding for 3 and 4 year olds.

We suggest you attend our open day where we outline the different fees and can answer individual questions. Our open days are on the first Thursday of each month and you can register on upcoming dates here.

Medication and Illness

All rooms have staff that are paediatric first aid trained. We can administer prescribed medication as long as both the medication and prescription, clearly stating the dosage, are provided and a Healthcare plan is in place. If your child requires regular medication please note this when you apply so we can have a Healthcare Plan in place prior to them starting. We can, in exceptional cases, administer medication for a short term illness once a Healthcare plan is in place. However if your child is unwell the best place for them is to be at home. If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 7359 7628.

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